• Birdy mixing tin by Erik Lorincz
  • Birdy mixing tin by Erik Lorincz
  • Birdy mixing tin by Erik Lorincz
  • Birdy mixing tin by Erik Lorincz
  • Birdy mixing tin by Erik Lorincz

BIRDY Mixing Tin by Erik Lorincz

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The Birdy by Erik Lorincz Mixing Tin may be the last mixing glass you’ll ever buy. Compared to a fragile glass version, it chills faster, blends better and increases aeration. Each tin is micro polished by hand to achieve an ideal surface smoothness to within 0.2 microns to help bartenders produce better tasting drinks.

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Decades of experience making precision parts for the automotive industry serve as the foundation for high-quality Birdy shakers. Through 18 months of testing and retesting polishing methods, the ideal smoothness that improves efficiency, yet gently shaves the ice was finally discovered. To a precision of 0.1 microns, skilled craftsmen micro-polish each shaker by hand to achieve an optimally smoothed surface that delivers a myriad of advantages. First, the vertical grain works with the rounded shoulders of the shaker to increase the velocity of the ice for faster chilling and to minimise unnecessary ice damage that can make cocktails taste watery. The increased efficiency inside the shaker means the same amount of energy results in a better blended cocktail, with a greater quantity of tiny air bubbles to improve mouth feel as well. Thanks to Erik’s direction, the weight and thickness of the shaker were upgraded slighty to further increase the speed of the ice. This also improves blending and chill speed, and makes the shaker stronger to withstand the challenging work environment overseas. Finally, to complete the 10-step process, just like a fine gem the final polishing ends with a diamond paste finish.

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