From Cocktail Tools such as Shakers, Jiggers and unique cocktail strainers to the increasingly popular Ice Tools, StarShaker® | Drinks Come True, supplies one of the widest range of Bar Tools & Accessories in the world. From affordable bar options to premium bar tools from our Signature Barware collection, designed by some of the world’s Mixology legends, we have everything you could need or want for your bar. Browse through our extensive selection of handmade Glasses, Classic drinkware or even Molecular Gastronomy tools to add that definitive edge to your cocktail creation and presentation.



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    <p>You may have heard this before, but ice is a vital ingredient in almost every cocktail! Depending on the shape and size of your ice, your cocktail will reveal different flavour characteristics and dilute at the exact rate that you have intended. The ice sphere has grown very popular amongst bars around the globe, mostly because it allows you to enjoy a drink for longer, without the ice diluting it, thereby keeping your cocktail sharp. To hand carve an ice ball using specially designed ice picks from our range is a skillful performance which will bring a whole different level of entertainment and flair to your bar!</p>

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