WUSTHOF plating tong 30cm
  • WUSTHOF plating tong 30cm

WUSTHOF plating tong 30cm

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Wusthof, a German knife maker based in Solingen, famous for its high quality products. Wusthof precision kitchen utensis are goods of the highest quality, meticulously crafted. They are a pleasure to work with for both profesional chefs and amateur cooks. The wusthof series have different ergonomic handle design to offer comfortable feelings for all different likings.

Sometimes used as grabbers to garnish drinks but most commonly used to fill glasses with ice, these tongs dutifully serve the garnishing needs of bartenders and mixologists. Made from Japanese steel, our serving tongs are bar tools you can count on. Characterized by unique designs, they reliably out perform the competition.

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Name: WUSTHOF Plating tong 300mm
Dimensions: 300mm
Capacity: -
Weight: 150gr
Material: 18-8 stainless steel
Color: Gloss Silver
Origin: Germany
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