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Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml
  • Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml
  • Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml

YUKIWA Jigger Cup 35/45ml

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Japanese measure cups are designed to be taller, sturdier and less spill prone than other measure cups . Made out of high quality brushed stainless steel, those three sizes are the perfect addition to any bar.

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It is made by the most popular brand in Japan, YUKIWA. Compared to normal measuring cups, the opening is slightly bigger and is easier to pour liquid from a bottle. As the mouth of the cup is bigger compared to typical measuring cups, it is shorter and harder to tip over. It can hold up to 45.5/33.5ml. The 33.5ml cup has a 26/21ml tick mark.

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Name YUKIWA Jigger Wide
Size H85mm, W53mm
Capacity 45.5/33.5,26,21ml
Weight 80g
Material stainless steel
Color Gloss Silver
Made in Japan
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