Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml
  • Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml
  • Yukiwa Jigger Cup 35/45ml

YUKIWA Jigger Cup 35/45ml

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Japanese measure cups are designed to be taller, sturdier and less spill prone than other measure cups . Made out of high quality brushed stainless steel, those three sizes are the perfect addition to any bar.
It is made by the most popular brand in Japan, YUKIWA. Compared to normal measuring cups, the opening is slightly bigger and is easier to pour liquid from a bottle. As the mouth of the cup is bigger compared to typical measuring cups, it is shorter and harder to tip over. It can hold up to 45.5/33.5ml. The 33.5ml cup has a 26/21ml tick mark.

Additional information

Name YUKIWA Jigger Wide
Size H85mm, W53mm
Capacity 45.5/33.5,26,21ml
Weight 80g
Material stainless steel
Color Gloss Silver
Made in Japan
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