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The Bello series is a glass that you can enjoy using it nice at the restaurant and home table. While we tried various drinks with various shapes such as wine, sake, tea etc, I was able to grasp the outline of “How Japanese people enjoy the taste” that I felt vaguely. Based on the premise of “expressing the taste”, a glass of a shape conforming to “How to enjoy the taste of the Japanese people” was completed. The glass name Bello is Italian and means “beautiful”

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"The super thin, lightweight, for the more delicious experience." "Over 1,000 types of unique glasses." "More than 108 years of the history of a company." All the glasses you find on this website are products that Kimura Glass is dealing with. Some are sophisticated and stylish, perfect for delicate cocktails. Some are casual, just like white shirts, designed for drinking cool water with. All are for the use in Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, and so on, and will never fail to make every visitor feel good and comfortable.

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Name BELLO 155ml
Size H75mm, φ 67mm
Weight 68g
Material handmade glass
Made in Japan
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