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The ONE Strainer (LYS)

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The names of the items is (lys) mainly create for throwing.

It fits perfectly in mixing glass and obviously shakers.

The (Bee) istead made with an elegant design for mixing glass. the extra hook will help to have a better grip when you pouring. Both of the products are been build and clean mostly by hand to maintain an imperfect appearance and raw create from the best blacksmith iron maker In Sicily, Italy. Using the best material qualityof steel on the market.

The ONE products specifications :

DOUBLE SPRING: this additional piece gives the opportunity to have an double filtration, will fit perfectly with most of the shakers in the market and give a chance to make a better throwing technique. -

WEIGHT: both of the strainers have been made with half layer more than other strainers, this will give the opportunity to have a more stable and balanced product when you use it.

DURABILITY: The idea behind this brand was maily to create a very strong product for bartenders. Something that will make a difference. A product that you buy once and will last forever.

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