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Since its establishment in Sumida Ward, Tokyo in 1933, we have kept in mind the creation of products that meet the detailed needs of professional chefs who can not compensate by mass production such as major manufacturers.
We select techniques and factories / processing places that match the project, and mainly plan and wholesale sale of original products by handmade.
For the original 900 items currently on sale, we are receiving not only eateries such as bars, restaurants and hotels but also Japanese cuisine such as restaurants and inns.

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  • AOYAMA mixing glass PlainAOYAMA mixing glass Plain
    Out of

    AOYAMA mixing glass Plain

    From: 41,00 
  • AOYAMA Mixing Glass BacchusAOYAMA Mixing Glass Bacchus

    AOYAMA Mixing Glass Bacchus

    From: 44,00 
  • AOYAMA mixing glass YaraiAOYAMA mixing glass Yarai
    Out of

    AOYAMA mixing glass Yarai

    From: 56,00 
  • AOYAMA Mixing Glass 210AOYAMA Mixing Glass 210

    AOYAMA Mixing Glass 210

    From: 56,00 
  • AOYAMA Mixing glass EchoAOYAMA Mixing glass Echo

    AOYAMA Mixing glass Echo

    From: 56,00 
  • AOYAMA mixing glass with stripesAOYAMA mixing glass with stripes

    AOYAMA mixing glass with stripes

    From: 56,00 
  • AOYAMA Mixing Glass Side stripesAOYAMA Mixing Glass Side stripes

    AOYAMA Mixing Glass Side stripes

    From: 56,00 

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