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Art and mixology. They have a lot in common. That’s true. Bartending is a pure form of creative expression through great liquids, special ingredients, shakers and ice. That turns bartenders into a special tribe of passionate artists. The polite, the precise, the humble. That’s true.

What else is true? That we fell in love with Japan. The philosophy, the simplicity, the  design, the bartenders, the craftsmen. And we instantly wanted to share premium Japanese-designed bar tools with the rest of the world. Starshaker is created for professional bartenders -just like its founders- and cocktail enthusiasts who believe that great tools can make great drinks come true. Arigato.

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  • StarShaker® Tin to Tin shakerStarShaker® Tin to Tin shaker

    StarShaker® Tin to Tin shaker

  • New Arrivals
    StarShaker® Tin to Tin shaker UnweightedStarShaker® Tin to Tin shaker Unweighted

    StarShaker® Tin to Tin shaker Unweighted

  • Bitter Bottle Japanese Style 50mlBitter Bottle Japanese Style 50ml

    Bitter Bottle Japanese Style 50ml

  • Conical Fine Strainer DeepConical Fine Strainer Deep

    Conical Fine Strainer Deep

  • Conical Fine Strainer Deep GoldConical Fine Strainer Deep Gold
    Out of

    Conical Fine Strainer Deep Gold

  • Conical Fine Strainer Deep Rose GoldConical Fine Strainer Deep Rose Gold
    Out of

    Conical Fine Strainer Deep Rose Gold

  • Conical Fine Strainer Deep BlackConical Fine Strainer Deep Black

    Conical Fine Strainer Deep Black

  • Metal pourer 285-50Metal pourer 285-50

    Metal pourer 285-50

  • Metal Pourer Nipples Pack of 12pcsMetal Pourer Nipples Pack of 12pcs

    Metal Pourer Nipples Pack of 12pcs

  • Stainless steel SqueezerStainless steel Squeezer

    Stainless steel Squeezer

  • Swizzle StickSwizzle Stick

    Swizzle Stick

    From: 10,00 
  • Hawthorne Cocktail StrainerHawthorne Cocktail Strainer

    Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer

  • StarShaker® Seamless JiggerStarShaker® Seamless Jigger

    StarShaker® Seamless Jigger

    From: 21,00 
  • Japanese style jigger 25/50mlJapanese style jigger 25/50ml

    Japanese style jigger 25/50ml

  • Leopold jigger 1/2ozLeopold jigger 1/2oz

    Leopold jigger 1/2oz

  • StarShaker® Mixing TinStarShaker® Mixing Tin

    StarShaker® Mixing Tin

  • StarShaker® Mixing Tin 800mlStarShaker® Mixing Tin 800ml

    StarShaker® Mixing Tin 800ml

  • Leopold jigger Bronze 1/2ozLeopold jigger Bronze 1/2oz

    Leopold jigger Bronze 1/2oz


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