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The Company ensures that the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true is in compliance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on the “Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data”  and Law 3471/2006 on the “Protection of Personal Data and Privacy in the Electronic Communications”. In any case, the Company asserts that any collection, processing and/or storage of your personal data is carried out according to the law and only upon your express specific consent and solely and exclusively for the purposes and to the extent necessary for the operation of the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true.

The Company asserts that it will not use your personal data for any use not specifically authorized by you, nor will send or disclose your data to any third parties (natural or legal entities) not affiliated with the Company, without your express and specific consent to this effect, except in cases where disclosure is necessary in order for your order to be carried out (e.g. cooperating shipping companies) or if it is mandatory by law.

Although surfing the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true is possible even without the disclosure of information that is considered to be personal data, you may benefit from more services if you agree to disclose certain personal data, depending on the service you are interested in at each time.

In any case, a necessary requirement for initiating and processing your transaction with our Company is the disclosure by you of certain personal data, such as your full name, contact details and your address for sending your order, etc. Your payment details (e.g., the number of your credit card) are not collected or stored by the Company, so you need to re-register them each time you want to make a transaction through StarShaker® | Drinks Come true.

Upon successful completion of your transaction with the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true you are automatically registered to it through the creation of a personal account where the information of your order is saved. For the completion of your registration, you will receive an email with further instructions in order to set your Personal Security Code.

The safe entry into the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true is achieved via "Customer Identification".

The codes used in order to identify you are two:

A. The Email

B. The Personal Security Code (password)

Each time you enter the above codes, you gain safe access to your personal data.

You remain solely and exclusively responsible for all transactions carried out under your personal codes as well as for the correct use of your codes, whilst the Company is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from non-observance of these terms. You agree to promptly notify the Company for any unauthorized use of your codes and any existing and/or potential security violation.

The Company has no liability whatsoever in case of loss of data since it has taken all possible measures to safeguard same.

By entering the data, the visitor and/or customer agrees to: (a) provide true, accurate, valid and full information as regards the information requested by the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true in the relevant applications in order to have access to its contents/services and (b) maintain and diligently update his/her registration data in order to always be true, accurate, valid, updated and complete.

Underage visitors to the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true may have access to it and its services only with the consent and under the supervision of their parents or guardians without being required to submit their personal data. Should such data be submitted by underage persons, the Company immediately deletes them, given its prior notification, since there is no other way to know it.

The StarShaker® | Drinks Come true enables its visitors/customers to access the record wherein their personal data is kept, which is collected and stored as above, and to make corrections, deletions, modifications and additions to the data and information contained therein.

In addition, visitors / customers may submit any question / request concerning the processing of their personal data and exercise any legitimate right by contacting the Data Protection Officer, Mr. Theo Kaisidis, at +306941686883 (Monday, Wednesday : 10:00 - 17:00, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10: 00-20: 00), email:

A visitor/customer can subscribe to the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true Newsletter in two ways. In particular he/she can opt in:

A. At the final stage of ther order submission process by selecting the respective check box or

B. During his navigation at the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true by entering his/her email in the Newsletter field available on every page.

In order to avoid any erroneous subscription to the service by a third person, the double opt-in process gives the right to the user to confirm his consent through a link sent to his personal email. It is only then, when the subscription is activated. If the visitor/customer wants to stop receiving the marketing emails, he/she can unsubscribe from the service through the unsubscribe link available at the end of each marketing email or by updating his/her profile settings following the link that has been sent to him/her during the first time subscription.

For safely surfing the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true  as well as for the safety of your transactions with it, the Company takes all appropriate steps, by adopting modern high quality safety standards in line with market trends, and uses TLS 1.2 with cryptographic protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL), which are put into operation upon the entry of sensitive personal data offering codified communication. The Company takes the necessary measures in order to protect your personal data, but you should also keep in mind that safe surfing on the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true as well as the protection of your password into your personal account depends on you as well.

The StarShaker® | Drinks Come true has the possibility to use cookies in order to provide visitors/customers with information and better services (order status, personal settings, etc.) as well as with more efficient and direct order processing. Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are sent and stored on the computer of each visitor/customer, by saving settings and choices you have already made to the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true so that they pop up automatically during your next visits to the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true and facilitate the Company to better understand how you use the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true  It should be noted that cookies do not damage the visitor’s/customer's computer or the files stored on them. However, it should be clarified that through your browser settings you can at any time delete previously stored cookies, in order to prevent the installation of new cookies, or request to be asked each time a cookie is to be installed on your computer (for more information, please contact your browser's page).

At the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true  it is possible to find links that lead to other websites managed by third parties or owned by third parties (natural or legal entities) not linked to the Company or the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true.  The use of these links is subject exclusively to their own terms of use, for which you should be informed. The Company and the StarShaker® | Drinks Come true have no liability whatsoever as regards the contents of these linked websites and their use by visitors/customers. The indication of such links does not imply a statement by the Company as far as the reliability, security and contents of these links are concerned, nor for the services and products provided through them, and the connection to these links is carried out on the sole responsibility of the visitors/customers. For this reason, for any issue that may arise during your surfing on these linked sites or in connection with your transactions with them, please contact directly the administrators thereof, which are exclusively liable for these websites.

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