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Gold Collar Bar spoon Gold

Gold Collar Bar spoon Gold

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Every mixologist is a maestro with a bar spoon. Our bar spoons feature ergonomic spooning paddles and extra long handles for rapid blending of liquids.

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BrandJapanese Brands

Stainless Steel




Bar Spoon length

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Japanese bar tools are visually striking and a pleasure to use and this bar spoon is no exception. Crafted out of high grade, durable 18-8 stainless steel, this spoon is elegant and perfectly balanced to make mixing drinks into an enjoyable ritual.  The no coil design makes mixing look and feel effortless and the trident end is perfect for spearing garnishes.

Additional Information

NameGold Collar Bar spoon
SizeS : 240mm
L : 315mm
WeightS : 35g
S : 42g
Material18-8 stainless steel
ColorGloss Gold
Made inJapan


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