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Cosi Tabellini

Cosi Tabellini offers a world-renowned range of hand-crafted pewter, crystal and ceramics that has gravitas and simple beauty that assures quality, longevity and good taste. Influenced by Cosi Tabellini’s Italian roots, the range combines historic craftsmanship and integrity in a contemporary form, complementing the most traditional as well as the most modern of homes

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  • Cosi Tabelini  Pewter Cocktail ShakerCosi Tabelini  Pewter Cocktail Shaker

    Cosi Tabelini Pewter Cocktail Shaker

  • Cosi Tabelini Mixing Glass YaraiCosi Tabelini Mixing Glass Yarai

    Cosi Tabelini Mixing Glass Yarai

  • New Arrivals
    Cosi Tabelini Pewter Cocktail SpoonCosi Tabelini Pewter Cocktail Spoon

    Cosi Tabelini Pewter Cocktail Spoon

  • New Arrivals
    Cosi Tabelini  Pewter Julep StrainerCosi Tabelini  Pewter Julep Strainer

    Cosi Tabelini Pewter Julep Strainer

  • Cosi Tabelini  Pewter Jigger 30/45mlCosi Tabelini  Pewter Jigger 30/45ml

    Cosi Tabelini Pewter Jigger 30/45ml


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